Your Key to Mobile Engagement

Affordable Mobile Key and Access Modernization

We've taken the heavy lifting out of the programming and implemenation.
We add Bluetooth and RFID to your existing lock systems. You do not need to change your existing locks.
Our cryptography and tokenization scheme keeps your facility safe and secure.

Unlock the true potential of your Hotel

Intuitive and Smart touch points for your guests and employees.

Room Access
Your guests access their room by simply downloading your branded hotel app from the app store of their choice.
Manage Room Status
"Do not disturb" or remote access for a guest or visitor has never been easier. Simply set a door status via the preferences section in the app and go!
Stay Informed
Deliver "hidden" travel tips and insider information on the unique sights and sounds your city has to offer.
Management Simplified
Management overview of current room status and guest activity in one simple dashboard interface.
Your Broadcast Channel
Send notifications, promotions and invitations to your guests directly from the platform. Content delivery and control in real-time.
Tangible Analytics
Create value for sales and generate measurable ROI through our intuitive analytics tool.
STAYmyway is a smartphone activated keyless access control system for guests, hotel operators and rental hosts. Manage access rights for your doors remotely in the cloud.

Your existing locks. Our innovative technology.

STAYmyway works with your current infrastructure by installing either Bluetooth and optional RFID capabilities into your existing locks; opening the door to easy, affordable mobile key access.

System administrators can instantly and effortlessly manage all guest, employee, contractor, and visitor access through our integrated web interface.
We use robust cryptography and a tokenization scheme to keep your facility and personal property safe and secure.

How It Works

Watch this video to learn more about STAYmyway and how we can help you provide access to a better guest experience.
No waiting in line, no check-in hassles, absolute freedom for guests to roam and access your property on their terms... their way!