STAYmyway Check-In

STAYmyway Check-in


A check-in system, complete, remote and automatic

Now guests will send all information necessary for check-in through the app and the system will automatically validate the documentation and identity of the host, generating the part required by law traveler as well as the police file for submission to, Guardia Civil, Mossos de Esquadra or Ertzaintza. National Police.

How does it work


The guest takes a photo of your passport or identity card and STAYmyway reads, extracts and validates the document.


Guests take a selfie and STAYmyway verifies the identity of the host and contrasts with the passport photo or ID


The host performs the signature directly on mobile


The system automatically validates the check-in, generates the traveler and the police file.

What does it solves


Waiting unnecessary in the process of check in.


Once completed the submission by the customer, we will send the virtual key that is active only during the period of your reservation.


The manager may check in planning months in advance.


Avoid errors in entering data manually because the process is autonomous and intelligent.

Your online tool

The facial matching process check-in STAYmyway provides a high level of security

The innovative tool check-in STAYmyway is able to identify, validate and generate all the necessary check-in for you documentation.

Frequent questions

When the guest makes the reservation, a link which automatically download the app including a reservation is sent. At the time the app is installed, the first thing it does is begin the process of check in.
Our App is a functional application that makes your stay more comfortable while optimizing time operational access and check in. That is why our current download rate is between 60% and 80% depending on season.
The manager may accept or reject any of these items:
  • Photo identification document (ID card or passport)
  • Selfie
  • Signature
Automatically guest will receive a notification that invite perform the process again rejected.
No. The host can access only when your reservation is active in the date range for which it was made.

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Openings with STAYmyway in real-time

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