STAYmyway App

STAYmyway is an application that allows you to manage your entire stay can:

  • STAYmyway Open the door of the room.
  • STAYmyway Send a check in prior to arrival
  • STAYmyway Get all the information about the hotel.
  • STAYmyway Get a leisure guide next to the hotel.
  • STAYmyway All services near your hotel.
  • STAYmyway Guided to the arrival

STAYmyway puts all services in your hand and with a single button

In addition, you have the following information:

  • STAYmyway Hotel address.
  • STAYmyway Key hotel wifi.
  • STAYmyway Data on your reservation.
  • STAYmyway It is allowing you to access your reservation.

All digital keys in STAYmyway App

Guests will have all the keys in the App, room, spa, gym, garage ...


We make it easy to check in

Streamline the process of check-in

  • Photograph of the passport or identity card
  • Selfie of guest
  • Signature of guest

All the entertainment in the palm of your hand

Guests can access a comprehensive guide to leisure, activities, events and experiences of the city where the apartment is located.


All hotel services

Your guest will know all the services your hotel can also give you the option to hire provide you with a single click.

This will allow you to sell more by offering products at the right time.

Create loyal to his guest, through our App your guest will have autonomy to all services and learn about them


We guide you to your hotel

You can see the exact location of the hotel or ask your Smartphone to guide you to your arrival.

Openings with STAYmyway in real-time

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