Remove refunds of service charges from your hotel

We have worked a solution to ensure recovery of reserves for a stay at your hotel.

STAYmyway Charge Back certifies guest's stay at your hotel and all access has made


We know that many guests return the charge made on your credit card directly after your stay alleging that have not and therefore not their payment of the reservation.

The bank is forced then to reclaim the return to the hotel is obliged to make such refund unable to prove guest's stay.


In collaboration with banks we have developed a solution that provides hotels a guest stay's certification at our hotel.

Access to the hotel guest room?


When the guest arrives to the apartment, StayMyWay detects and informs the front desk


When the guest is at the guests room door, StayMyWay request identification using the telephone camera.


StayMyWay confirms the guest identity and opens the guests room door.

How we do it?

Before Arrival

Guest recieves reservation in his/her smartphone.


Guest check-in, taking photo of his/her face and passport.


StayMyWay automatically confirms the guest identity.


If the identity matches, the guest validates the check-in by signing.


The guests identity is linked to the digital fingerprint of his/her phone.

Generate certificate that probes and validate the guests stay at your apartment


STAYmyway Chargeback Proof Report includes:

  • STAYmyway Guest data.
  • STAYmyway Reservation Information.
  • STAYmyway Photo of driver's licence, passport of identity document.
  • STAYmyway Guest identity data.
  • STAYmyway Guest photo.
  • STAYmyway Facial matching (selfie vs identity document)
  • STAYmyway Guest signature
  • STAYmyway Digital ID of guest smartphone
  • STAYmyway Time of arrival at apartment
  • STAYmyway Facial matching for door opening
  • STAYmyway History of openings

Openings with STAYmyway in real-time

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